Bills Mafia Trademarks Remain in Limbo

Bills Mafia Trademarks Remain in Limbo

August 1, 2023

Editor's note: Gross Shuman IP attorney Les Greenbaum has been covering the Bills Mafia trademark efforts for ther last two years. You can view his previous coverage by following the links at the end of this blog.

There are two “Bills Mafia” trademarks that the Buffalo Bills LLC (the “Bills”) intend to register, namely, “Bills Mafia” in standard characters (SN 90248260) and “Bills Mafia” in a design format (SN 90248264).  Each of the applications seeks to register these marks in two international classifications of goods, namely, Class 010 for medical masks, and Class 025 for a variety of clothing items ranging from aprons and baseball caps to wool hats and wristbands. 

Both trademark applications filed by the Bills were “allowed” in December, 2021.  That generally leads to the issuance of registrations following the filing of Statements of Use of the marks in commerce in connection with the goods, supported by specimens, or examples, of use of the marks on the goods.

The Bills, however, continue to kick the can down the road.  No Statements of Use or supporting specimens have been filed to complete the registrations for either mark, in either goods classification.  In June, 2023 the Bills filed a third extension request, which was granted.  That allows the Bills until December 14, 2023, to file Statements of Use for either mark in either goods classification, in order to secure a registration and use the international trademark symbol “®” with the goods; something the Bills cannot do until registrations issue.

In the interim, the Bills have “put their marker down,” and anyone else trying to register a “Bills Mafia” trademark or service mark will likely be blocked by the Bills’ pending applications.  In December, we will just have to tune back in to see if the Bills file Statements of Use with specimens, or seek a fourth extension of time within which to do so.

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