Education Law

The strength in our Education Law Practice comes from the diverse range of clients we represent.

From school districts and individual private and charter schools, to unions and families, we have the experience to manage complex education matters from every side of the table. That leaves us well positioned to understand your unique needs and to meet them.  

Like most areas of the law, education law is very nuanced. You need a legal team that has a depth of experience handling education matters. You want a firm that is on top of the ever-changing state and federal laws and regulations. 

At Gross Shuman P.C., our team brings decades of experience in education law to every matter we handle. One of the best assets in a case is to be able to see the matter through the eyes of your opponent. Because our attorneys have represented public, private and charter schools, unions and families, we can use that experience to best position our education clients for success. 


Our experience includes representing: 


School Districts

  • Serving as general counsel for large suburban school district
  • Being retained by general counsel to represent school districts when there is a conflict
  • Handling 3020-a disciplinary hearings to conclusion
  • Representing districts in contract negotiation


Charter and Private Schools

  • Serving as general counsel for individual charter schools
  • Assisting with preparing charters as well as revising charters for renewal
  • Overseeing the development of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws
  • Representing the schools when there are litigation matters


Teacher Unions

  • Preparing legal arguments to resolve matters without the need for litigation
  • Utilizing our labor law team for cases that do require litigation and where outside counsel is needed
  • Assisting with arbitration matters
  • Representing teachers in contract disputes and teachers' rights
  • Arbitration matters to resolve issues between a union and school district
  • Representing teachers in 3020a hearings



Representing families in matters where they feel their child is being denied access to a fair and equal education, including:

  • Special education cases
  • 504/IEP matters
  • Utilizing Article 78 proceedings to gain relief for clients
  • Vaccination exemption matters
  • Reasonable accommodations
  • Disciplinary issues
  • DASA matters


Because our attorneys have experience representing schools and students/families, we have the ability to approach every matter with a keen understanding of all aspects of a case and craft the best possible legal approach to the case.